3 Effective Ways to Extinguish Your Candle Without Damaging It

3 Effective Ways to Extinguish Your Candle Without Damaging It

Candles are a great way to liven up a space, especially if you want to foster an environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility. Their ability to burn for hours while you read, cook, bathe, watch TV, or spend quality time with family makes them a fan-favorite for all to enjoy. But, when it’s time to put the candle out, many people use their mouth to get the job done. 

While this does work, there are several new and improved ways to extinguish a candle without damaging it or filling your space with unwanted smoke. Continue reading for 3 effective ways to put your candle out: 

Use A Candle Lid 

Some candles that are poured into jars come with an attachable lid feature. With these types of candles, you can actually use the lid to put out your flame with ease. The closed lid prevents new air from entering the candle, which is absolutely essential to continue fueling the flame. Once the flame has had a chance to die, you can remove the lid and let the minimal amount of smoke pour out in a preferred setting. If your candle doesn’t come with a lid, you can always improvise and use a flat plate or surface that can handle a little bit of soot and debris.  

Try A Candle Snuffer or Bell

Specifically designed to safely and effectively put out your flame, snuffers are a must-have accessory for all types of candles. This awesome invention features a small cone or bell-shaped hat that completely covers the wick and flame in order to make it stop burning. There is also a long handle to grasp onto as you reach into the candle, so there’s no need to worry about getting burned by the smoldering flame or melted wax. You will never have to deal with a smoke-filled room, which is critical for those who have a sensitivity to such poor air quality. 

If you do not have a candle snuffer, you can consider a DIY version by using tin foil. All you need to do is craft a thimble-shaped cone to create the dome attachment, and be sure to use enough foil to twist up a post or handle for you to hold as you use it. Voila – Safe candle extinguishing alast! 

Get A Wick Dipper

Wick dippers are another alternative to candle snuffers that work just as well. Instead of covering the flame, wick dippers allow you to bend the wick as it’s burning into the pool of melted wax to extinguish the flame immediately. If you are looking for an easy, smoke-free way to put out your candle, wick dippers are one of the best options available. With a long stem and angled-end for effortless handling, this essential accessory makes it easy to pull the wick up after it has entered the pool of wax so it can be used again. 

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