Tips & Tricks to Make Your Roll-On Body Fragrance Last All-Day-Long

Tips & Tricks to Make Your Roll-On Body Fragrance Last All-Day-Long

For many of us, smelling good is just as important as looking good. Whether you are going to work for the day, or enjoying a night on the town, you can accentuate your space with some help from a fragrant body roll-on like ours over at kendi lux. Body fragrances have been gaining popularity in the beauty world because of their power to combat unpleasant odors with your favorite delightful aromas. 

Some prefer floral and citrus scents, while others like woodsy and musky scents. No matter which kind you gravitate towards, there is surely a body fragrance out there for you that will boost your confidence, enhance your mood, and make you feel more attractive.

If you are not too familiar with body fragrances, there are many varieties to choose between such as mists, sprays, roll-ons, and more. Continue reading for some tips and tricks to make your kendi lux roll-on body fragrance last all-day-long: 

Apply to Skin Fresh Out of the Shower

If you want to create an effective beauty routine, we recommend prioritizing when you apply your body roll-on. Many people wait to apply until they are completely ready for the day and about to head out of the house, but that is not the most effective way to make your body fragrance last as long as possible. 

Instead, you should apply your fragrance on moderately damp skin following a steamy shower. The moisture allows the oils and scents within your body fragrance to hold onto the skin, boosting its power and longevity to smell great for hours! Keep in mind that you should pat dry with a towel before application for the best results. 

Remember to Moisturize 

When you want to reapply your fragrance throughout the day for a more powerful aroma, don’t forget to moisturize the target areas first. Applying perfume to dry skin is like pouring water into dry soil — it quickly absorbs and dissipates. Rather, you should use an oil-based cream or lotion to help the scents lock into the skin. 

Some people like to use vaseline, while others prefer to use a lotion or cream that complements the body fragrance scents. It’s entirely up to you what you want to moisturize with, but this is an integral step for making your body fragrance last for hours! 

Focus on Pulse Points 

While it may seem like a good idea to apply your body fragrance from head-to-toe, there are specific areas that help the scents flourish. Due to your body chemistry, experts recommend applying body fragrances to pulse points, such as behind the earlobes, wrists, neck, inner elbows, and back of the knees. You can even apply fragrances to your heart, because all of these areas of the body emit your body temperature and activate perfume molecules, causing the scents to be intensified. 

Do NOT Rub Your Wrists Together 

For years, the beauty world believed that rubbing your wrists together was the most effective way to blend the scent of your body fragrance or perfume. However, research has shown that when you create friction with the fragrance, it does not last as long because the top notes tend to fade quickly. The simple movement of rubbing your wrists together actually diminishes the quality of your fragrance notes. Keep in mind that you can dab the body fragrance from your wrist to your neck, or another part of the body as long as you do not use the rubbing motion. 

Shop kendi lux Body Fragrances 

Here at kendi lux, our unforgettable body fragrances consist of only two ingredients: safflower oil and fragrance. You can rest assured that they are free of dyes, parabens, animal testing, and other harmful chemicals. We crafted our bold and intoxicating fragrances to evoke unique sensory experiences reminiscent of nostalgic memories that you can cherish forever. Plus, they are guaranteed to provide long-lasting aromas for you and those around you to enjoy time and time again. If you want to smell good, feel good, and look good, shop kendi lux body fragrances now!
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