A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Fragrance Notes

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Fragrance Notes

We’ve all fallen in love with a candle or body fragrance that we never want to put down. It could be the size, color, and of course, the scent, that peaks your interest. But do you really know how to pinpoint the components of a fragrance? When you read the label, it typically contains a list of notes that are all blended together to create an invigorating product that stimulates your senses. 

Some notes may be more noticeable than others; That’s why they are broken down into 3 different categories: Top, Middle, and Bottom. Continue reading to get a better understanding of scent notes, and how they affect the overall fragrance of your candle or body fragrance: 

Top Notes

Top notes are pretty self-explanatory — they are the first notes you sense when you smell a candle or fragrance. They are also referred to as head notes due to their strong and quick ability to accentuate the space around you. Oftentimes, these notes are fresh and light, such as lemon, mandarin, and bergamot. Top notes are the fragrance oils that have the smallest molecules, so they tend to evaporate the fastest. While top notes are the first scents you notice, they are not the longest-lasting out of the 3 categories. 

Mid Notes

Next, we have mid notes. Mid notes are known as heart notes because they set the foundation for the candle or body fragrance. These scents are revealed once the top notes begin to fade and typically make up the bulk of the aroma. It can sometimes take more than 15 minutes of burn-time for the mid notes to completely develop. They work with the top notes to create a complimentary scent that will then transition into the base notes. Some examples of mid notes include sandalwood, cinnamon, and lavender. 

Base Notes

Last but not least, we have base notes. Base notes, sometimes referred to as bottom notes or dry notes, are some of the last scents we tend to recognize. Base notes begin appearing after the middle notes, and are typically rich, musky, or sweet. On a molecular level, these scents have the largest molecules. This means that they evaporate out of the wax at a very slow rate. But once they appear, they have a potent, long-lasting effect on your environment. They will leave a lingering impression that lasts for hours! Base note examples include vanilla, amber, and sugar cane. 

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